Food/Beverage Authorization Form

General Conditions

  1. Proof of Commercial General Liability coverage, naming Lynnwood Event Center as additional insured, shall be provided at least five (5) business days prior to Event
  2. Exhibiting organization must be a licensed food service business, and those serving/distributing the food and /or beverage must have
    valid food handlers permits.
    1. Alcohol sampling requires submission of a Class-8 Permit, obtained for the WSLCB; and all bartenders must be permitted.
  3. All items distributed in the exhibit space must be products manufactured, processed or distributed by the exhibiting company.
  4. All items are limited to samples sizes and must be distributed from the assigned exhibit space only:
    1. Non-alcoholic beverage samples are limited to a maximum three (3) ounce container.
    2. Food items are limited to two (2) ounces or bite size portions.
    3. Beer and wine, if permitted by the event host, is limited to two (2) ounce pours.
    4. Distilled liquor, if permitted by the event host, is limited to half (0.5) ounce pours.
  5. No cooking of raw food is permitted on site.
  6. Applicant is solely responsible for providing their own hot/cold storage and serving tools. Storage must be contained within the
    exhibitor’s exhibit space or in the event’s designated storage space. The Lynnwood Event Center is not responsible for providing
    storage of food items or for providing serving tools (i.e. plates, platters, tongs, forks).
  7. Food and beverage to be used as traffic promoters (i.e. coffee, bottled water, fresh popcorn) must be purchased through the Lynnwood
    Event Center.

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