Our Event Guidelines
and Policies


We look forward to helping you plan and produce your event.

To deliver the kind of successful event you and your attendees expect, a smooth, well-coordinated relationship between our staff and your event team is needed. To help establish this relationship, we have put together this guide. 

Whether you are a seasoned event veteran, planning your first event at our facility, or planning your first event at any event center, we hope you find these planning tips helpful. 

Your Event Manager

When your event is definite with a signed contract and deposit, the Event Manager is assigned to work with you and your team. This individual works with you from initial planning through move-out. They are your principal source of information during the planning process and a valuable “right hand” once you arrive on-site. He or she answers your questions and conveys information to our team members. Communication with your Event Manager assures your event is well-planned and effortlessly executed.

Timeline for Planning Your Event

Sixty to Forty-five Days Prior

You should provide your Event Manager with information for room(s) set and schedule. This is also the time to finalize your food and beverage selections. If there is a bar during your event, your decision on what type of bar, full, or beer and wine only, and the payment type for your bar, hosted or cash, should be decided at this time.

Forty-Five days prior

Please submit your Certificate of Insurance in accordance with Article 6.A of your License Agreement. If you would like the Lynnwood Event Center to secure insurance for you, now is the time to discuss your options with your Event Manager.


The balance owed per the provided Final Confirmation estimate must be received. At this time, you also need to provide your Final Guarantee (the total number of people who will be receiving food). If you are having a plated meal with two or more entrées, please specify the count for each entrée. Once determined, the final guarantee is not subject to decrease. If an increase is requested by the client after the guarantee has been submitted, and the Event Center can accommodate, a 25% overage fee will be added to any additional entrées.

Five days prior

Your Event Manager will provide you with your Final Confirmation. The Final Confirmation shows all the details of your event and includes orders for food and beverage, audio visual, room set, and other details. Read through your Final Confirmation information carefully and let your Event Manager know of any changes, and then sign the document and send it back to your Event Manager. The Final Confirmation will show your remaining balance. This balance amount must be paid at least five (5) days before your event.


The final payment for all food and beverage and all other ancillary goods and services remaining due upon the conclusion of your event is due within thirty days of invoicing.


Services requested past the deadline, within the 7 business days of the event, if approved, will be subject to a 10% late fee.

Day Of Event Information


The Event Center can provide professional and experienced personnel for most of your event needs. They are knowledgeable about the facility and the surrounding area, familiar with our facility’s policies and procedures, and experienced in enforcing event rules and regulations. Some of the areas where Event Center staffing may be of assistance include: Event Hosts/Ushers, Registration, Badge Check/Ticket Taker, Coat/Parcel Check. Costs incurred for dedicated staffing have a four (4) hour minimum per staff member.


The Lynnwood Admissions Tax (Code 3.43) is for any and all events that sell tickets to the general public and will be collected by the Lynnwood Event Center on behalf of the Public Facilities District.

As a reminder, the imposed tax is 5% of the ticket price (Per Code 3.43.030: There is hereby levied and imposed upon every person without regard to age who pays an admission charge to any place as described in LMC 3.43.010, a tax of five percent of the amount paid for admission. Failure to pay such tax or failure to collect such tax shall be a violation of this chapter. (Ord. 2291 § 1, 1999)).

The imposed tax is also required to appear on each ticket as a city tax (Per Code 3.43.070: A. The established price of admission, any noncity tax, city tax, and the total price at which each admission ticket or card is sold, shall be conspicuously and indelibly printed or written on the face or back of that part of the ticket which is to be retained by the management of the place to which admission is gained. This requirement may be waived in regard to temporary or transient events, which due to time make it impossible to print up admission tickets. This waiver must be reviewed and authorized by the finance director’s office prior to authorizing the event.)

The Lynnwood Event Center does have a form to fill out to assist you in submitting the correct amount of tax and we would be happy to discuss the amount of tax to add to each ticket. A separate invoice for the admissions tax will be sent following the event and payment is due within 30 days of receipt of that invoice.

Audio Visual Equipment

The Lynnwood Event Center can provide much of your Audio Visual needs. Equipment like laptops, screens, projectors, microphones, speakers, and up-lighting, can be secured through your Event Manager. All event rooms/combined rooms are connected to the built-in sound system and include (1) complimentary wired microphone with the room rental. Please visit Offbeat Audio/Visual for more information.


Banners may not be affixed to the facility or suspended to any surfaces in the Event Center without prior review and approval. As ladders are only available for the Event Center staff, if you require your banner to be hung on pipe and drape, from the ceiling, or from an outside pole, there will be an additional cost associated with that service.

Pins and tacks to hang banners can only be used in the blue corkboards sections inside the event rooms. Banners may not be hung on walls or on windows with adhesives.


The Lynnwood Event Center knows that the right décor is an integral part of your event. As the LEC does not provide décor, we encourage you to bring décor for your event or to secure rented equipment from an outside company. Assembly and set-up of your décor is your responsibility. If you need assistance with centerpieces or placing materials throughout your event space please let your Event Manager know. The Event Center staff may be able to assist, although there may be a fee for this assistance depending on the amount of assembly and/or set-up required.

The following decor items are permitted:

  • Latex Balloons: If balloons escape into the ceiling, a removal fee will be charged.
  • Candles: Candles must be placed inside a vase or within a hurricane cover. The top of the candlewick must be at least 1 inch below the top of the vase or hurricane.
  • Centerpieces Materials: including flowers, feathers, picture frames, chargers, bottles, etc.
  • Specialty Linen

The following décor items are prohibited:

  • Mylar Balloons
  • Fire/Free Standing Candles
  • Glitter/Confetti
  • Pop-up Tents/Free standing structures with ceilings
  • Dirt
  • Hay
  • Chalk
  • Smoke/Haze Machines

Decorations coming from an outside company must arrive and be removed within your contracted event time. If you require rigging of materials for your décor, you must use an outside vendor and your Event Manager can assist you with finding a vendor. This does not apply to services and décor ordered through the Event Center.


All vendors must enter and exit within your contracted time and must check in with the Event Center staff upon arrival. If your vendors have specific questions about the facility, arrival/departure time, electrical needs, etc., have them contact your Event Manager.

Your rental includes a specific allotment of tables and chairs as outlined in the License Agreement. If you require additional exhibit tables beyond the allotment, there will be a fee of $20 per table for each exhibit table request over 50. It is important to note that the additional fee applies even if the vendors selling the merchandise are non-profit organizations. The fee is associated with the setup of extra tables beyond the predetermined limit.

Please keep in mind that the availability of additional equipment, including tables and chairs, is subject to availably at the time of the event. Specifications are provided by your Event Managers. It’s recommended to communicate your requirements in advance to ensure availability and to discuss any associated fees.


Due to limited space, Lynnwood Event Center cannot accept advance freight shipments more than 48 hours before the effective date of the License Agreement, as shipments will be quarantined for 24 hours per new protocols. Exhibit freight should be directed to a contracted show decorator or freight handler with instructions to deliver to Lynnwood Event Center within the appropriate time.

Deliveries that arrive during move-in or show days will be directed to the on-site representative of the client’s contracted freight service. In the event the client does not have a contracted show decorator or freight service, all deliveries arriving during the period of the License Agreement will be received by Lynnwood Event Center and delivered to client’s event space. Should there be special requirements for delivery of event materials, please contact the Event Manager. Lynnwood Event Center does not take responsibility for incomplete or mislabeled shipments, un-packing or opening of crates and disposal of packing material including pallets. Disposal of excess packing materials and any pallets will incur a fee to the event organizer. If a vendor is shipping weight restrictive items, it is the responsibility of the Exhibitor/Vendor to arrange assistance with receiving and moving of these types of items.

All items to be shipped out of Lynnwood Event Center must be labeled and have a scheduled pick up within 24 hours of the contracted event end date. Fees may apply for items left longer than 24 hours. Items left more than seven days after contracted event end date will be disposed.

Please visit our Exhibitor Policies for more information.


For proprietary reasons and for the safety of our guests and the building structure drones, unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS”), unmanned aircraft (“UA”), remotely operated aircraft (“ROA”), unmanned aerial vehicles (“UAVs”), and other similar devices, including Radio-Operated Blimps, are not permitted inside the Lynnwood Event Center. Due to the Event Center’s proximity to major freeway access points and interchanges, as well as to Paine Field, drones and unmanned aircraft are not permitted anywhere on the Center’s property including exterior walkways and parking areas.

Event Signage

Your event space will be listed on signage on the marquee outside, at the front door and throughout the building on wall mounted monitors. If your event space encompasses several rooms, the Event Center can provide 8.5”x11” signage that is specific for each room. Let your Event Manager know what specific language you would like for each type of signage.

Hotel Room Block

There are many local hotels that provide room blocks to events at the Event Center. Our Sales Team can assist you with securing room blocks for your event guest. If you decide later in the planning process that you need hotel assistance, send your Event Manager a request and they can assist you.

Menu Selection

The Lynnwood Event Center is the exclusive food and beverage provider for the venue. Outside food and beverage is prohibited.

The Event Center offers a wide assortment of menu selections and options sure to satisfy any pallet. Your Event Managers can also assist in custom, themed or ethnic cuisine elements for any event.


The Upper Concourse, Lower Concourse, Rooms 1DEF and Rooms 2DE require special adapters for electrical power. For event space, rental comes with one complimentary adapter per room. If you require additional adapters throughout the room, there is an additional fee. Let your Event Manager know how many adapters you need as well as the location of those adapters.

Room Sets & Changeovers

We provide your initial room set-up and overnight conversions at no charge. Any additional room set changes will be subject to a fee.


For many events, we require security guards to be present. The Event Center can provide these security guards at cost or you may secure a security subcontractor. If you decide to go with a subcontractor, please provide your Event Manager contact information for the company along with the dates and hours they will be onsite.

The Event Center is protected by a security system, that includes video monitoring systems placed throughout the event spaces and concourses, as well as the building exterior and parking lot.

Special Equipment

Much of our equipment inventory is provided for your use at no charge. This includes tables, conference chairs, risers, and lecterns. However, there are some things considered to be “special equipment”, and there are charges for those items.

If you need additional equipment, please review our Event Services page and communicate your needs to your Event Manager. This list represents our entire inventory and is kept as current as possible. Please understand that if your event runs concurrently with one or more events, priority for available equipment will be given to the group which provides their Event Manager with their requirements first.

Day Of Event Information

Alcoholic Beverage Service

The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) regulates alcoholic beverages and service. As the holder of the alcoholic beverage license for the Lynnwood Event Center, we are responsible for the administration of these regulations within the facility. Accordingly, we reserve the right to refuse alcohol service to intoxicated or underage persons. No outside alcohol is permitted inside the building. The Event Center staff reserves the right to stop your event if outside alcohol is confiscated.

Building Damage

Any event-related damage to the building or its facilities beyond normal wear and tear is your responsibility. This includes damage caused by your attendees and vendors. When appropriate, the Event Manager will contact you to plan to visually inspect the facilities before and after the event. If damage has occurred related to the activities of the event, the cost of repair will be added to the final invoice or billed separately.


Limited business services for your attendees and exhibitors can be provided at our Front Desk. This includes photocopying, , fax transmission, mail drop off or pick up point (arrangements must be made prior to leaving), UPS, and office supplies. Please note many of the business center services have fees associated with them, which the Front Desk can quote.

Door Locks

Keys for leased areas can be issued at no charge upon request on the effective date of the license agreement and must be returned upon the conclusion of the event. A $150 charge for each key not returned by the expiration of the license agreement will be added to the final invoice. Alternatively, event rooms can be locked and unlocked upon request by the Event Center staff. Please work with the Event Manager to coordinate.

Excess Food

The Event Center adheres to state and local health guidelines which dictate that food items may not be taken off the premises. Accordingly, all food and beverage prepared and provided by the Event Center must be consumed during the specific event and may not be taken off property.

Housekeeping / Cleanliness

The Event Center will maintain all common lobbies and meeting rooms. You are responsible for cleaning up your materials and décor. Additional housekeeping costs may be incurred for extraordinary cleaning requirements.

Internet Connection

We offer complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the building under the connection “Lynnwood Event Center” and the password “ilovelynnwood”. If you require a hard-line connection or a Static IP, this can be secured for you through your Event Manager.

Loading and Unloading

There is a loading/unloading area for each floor of our building. If your event is on the first floor you can load/unload through the lower front doors. The driveway to the lower level can be found immediately following the turn off the main roads. Be sure to let your Event Manager know when you will be loading/unloading as there is a gate restricting this driveway for general attendees. If your event is on the second floor, there is a loading dock located on the north side of the building. Loading Bay 3 has a roll door and is the most convenient option for smaller load-ins.

Loading Dock

The Event Center Loading Dock is located on Level 2 immediately adjacent to Room 2DE. There are two standard height bays with dock levelers and one ground level load in door available for client/vendor use. Bay 3, the ground-level roll door, is the most convenient option for smaller load-ins. The raised loading bays are best for vehicles higher than six to nine feet (6’-9’). Because of limited space, vehicles should unload/load as quickly as possible in the loading dock then move to the parking lot. Except during active loading/unloading, vehicles are prohibited from parking in the loading dock area without the express written permission of the Event Center staff.

Move Out Times

Clients and all associated vendors must vacate the Event Center by the end time listed on License Agreement. Failure to do so may incur additional charges.


All event related pallets and crates must be removed from the facility by the end of the contract load-out time. A disposal fee for each remaining empty pallet and/or crate will be added to the final invoice, as well as any damage due to the improper use.


There are 400 complimentary parking spaces within Event Plaza for Lynnwood Event Center attendees. All parking is located on an open-air surface lot without height restrictions. Parking is on a first-come, first-served basis and spaces cannot be guaranteed. Additional overflow parking is located across 36th Ave W at Alderwood Community Church and may be available for your event. The Event Plaza is not patrolled by security personnel so guests are advised not to leave valuables unattended in their vehicles.


The Event Center has no facilities for the storage of large crates or materials. During show day(s), empty cases and crates must either be stored offsite or kept inside contracted spaces. Cases, crates and boxes cannot be stored on the loading dock. All remaining event materials must be removed from the Event Center by the expiration of the License Agreement.


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