Rhonda Shelford Jansen

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Rhonda Shelford Jansen (RSJ) is of Alaska Native descent and member of the Ninilchik Tribe. She was born and raised in Homer, Alaska and lived in Kodiak and Unalaska as well. She resides in Mukilteo. Her style is heavily influenced by Native culture and fishing themes which reflect her family’s long history in the commercial fishing industry and her Native heritage. She loves bringing Native culture to life, focusing on the beauty, ingenuity, and strength of all Alaska and Pacific Northwest Tribes. Although she has only been painting seriously for the last 5 years, she has painted and sketched off and on since childhood. Her early interest in painting was fostered by her Native grandmother, Lydia Resoff Shelford, a self-taught expert in oils; and later instruction under the late watercolorist, Toby Tyler of Homer, Alaska. While majoring in business in college, she took art as electives whenever she could. She is listed in the United States Department of the Interior’s Indian Arts and Crafts board.

In addition to selling and showing her work in Alaska, Washington, and online, Rhonda has illustrated four books: Alaska Sea Escapes, Koyukon Fish Camp, Unigkuat – Kodiak Alutiiq Legends, and Buttons.

Email: Rhonda@rsjartist.com


www.rsjartist.com |Instragram: @rsjartist | Facebook: Rhondashelfordjansenart


Acrylic on Canvas

Summer Seining

Enhanced Canvas Giclée


Mixed Media, Overpainted Giclée

Warriors Song

Mixed Media Acrylic & Giclée