Diana Grant

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My paintings are informed by my background in Architecture and my love of nature. Whether landscapes or abstracts, I am inspired to paint work that is simultaneously earthy and ethereal. I employ a balance of contrasting colors, texture, form and proportion to evoke the relationship that exists between earth and sky or in a totally abstract painting. The energy between the sky and earth, meeting at the horizon line informs my interest in the landscape. I enjoy painting air, such as clouds at sunset or a blue sky on a summer day. Water is a part of many of my landscape paintings. In my abstract work, I like to leave space for the painting to breath within a structured composition involving density of color, line and texture. The tools I use are oil and acrylic paint, brush, palette knife, spray bottle, wax, rag and solvent. I mix colors, blending to get the Pacific Northwest color palette that appeals to me. I can work on a painting for years, working with an idea, putting it away, pulling it back out and adding or subtracting lines and colors. Older layers may show in my abstract work. My process with line may start at the beginning or be a final expression at the end of a painting. I enjoy working with line density, easy movement and its relation to color and shape.


Around the Block

Oil on Canvas

Cantalope Sky

Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas


Oil on Canvas

Whidbey Sailboat

Oil on Canvas