Art Exhibit:
Majestic Menagerie: Animals of Earth and Ocean

Art Exhibit:
Majestic Menagerie: Animals of Earth and Ocean

Experience the beauty of animals through art with our latest exhibit, Majestic Menagerie: Animals of Earth & Ocean. Featuring over 60 unique pieces from 35 talented artists, mediums used include acrylics, oils, watercolor, photography, pastels, pen and ink, and more. Every piece shares a common theme – it’s all about animals from land or sea. This exhibit will be up from August – December 2023 and is not to be missed! Come see the display at the Lynnwood Event Center from 9am-4pm M-F, or on evenings and weekends when the building is open for events.

Coming September 19th!

Meet the Artists Reception at the Lynnwood Event Center, 5-7pm.
Join us for a fun, free evening of art, conversations with the artists, live music, house-made appetizers and a more in-depth peek behind the scenes of Majestic Menagerie: Animals of Earth & Ocean. For more details and to RSVP, click here!

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Anne Acker-Mathieu

Anne was born and raised in Seattle and holds a BFA in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington, and a degree in Graphic Design from the Burnley School of Art. Her work involves a mixed media approach that utilizes a blend of painting and collage. The employment of mixed media has yielded a body of work that is explosively colorful, movement-oriented, and emotionally thoughtful. Anne’s work focuses on social justice issues that deeply concern her, as a woman, and a mother of daughters. Women’s rights, violence against women, and inequality feature prominently in her art. Her pieces are a raw examination of 21st Century issues that directly affect humanity. Her passion for justice is clearly present in everything she creates. Instagram: @amathieu-art


David Beckett

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, David found a thriving career as a data-driven consultant in the event industry. As a self-taught artist, DK Beckett eagerly embraces new challenges, fearlessly painting captivating and diverse subjects. While some of his artwork graces Bainbridge Island’s Millstream Gallery, the heart of his creativity lies in self-expression. “In my artwork, I love delving into the world of seascapes, musicians, animals, and occasional abstracts. With each brushstroke, I explore the rich tapestry of emotions that lie within. From the calming allure of seascapes to the rhythmic energy of musicians and the untamed beauty of animals, my art becomes a vivid expression of the wonders that surround us.” 

Kristi Binau

Kristi is a talented photographer originating from the Pacific Northwest who discovered her artistic passion amidst the challenges of the pandemic. Alongside her role as a dedicated mother to three children, Kristi skillfully captures the captivating elements of nature and the distinctive characteristics of her animal subjects through her lens. This exhibition serves as her introduction to the realm of photography, inviting audience members to explore the splendor and interconnectedness of life through her emotive and thought-provoking artworks. “Nature has always been the biggest inspiration in my life, and I simply can’t resist capturing its beauty and the incredible creatures that inhabit it through my lens.” 

Olivia Blanco

Olivia was born in Venezuela and lived in England, France and Spain for several years, where she studied and worked. She spent years in the Amazon jungle, managing her jungle resort hotel. There she Iearned about the land’s ancient ancestral culture and wonderful expressions of indigenous art. “I found myself immersed in the magic soul of nature, in the middle of a symphony of sounds, lights, colors and life.” After moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2003, Olivia attended art classes at Edmonds Community College. Along with extensive drawing and painting classes, she developed techniques with her favorites mediums: oils, acrylics and pastels. “I wish to transmit the experience of beauty and peace, and help viewers to find their inner silent space, where the real self dwells.” 

Kristin Choi

Kristin was born in Seoul, Korea. She spent her high school years in Vienna, Austria. Exploring European culture was an eye-opening experience for art. She studied educational technology at Ewha Womans University in Korea and worked as an educator before she came to the US and moved to Seattle with her husband. She is an oil painter and mother of two boys. Kristin’s piece ‘Baek-Gu on the Hill’ won first place in a contest by the Korean American Artists Association of Washington State, an event supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea. Since the event, she has been working as an artist and as a member of KAAW. “I am an impressionist oil painter. I like to paint landscapes, still life of flowers, and dogs. There are a lot of elements that lead to creating a fine piece of art. They are surely all important, but I focus more on harmony and flow. I am still working on the best version of myself in paintings.” 

Sue Coccia

Although she has formal art schooling from the Burnley School for Professional Art, Sue’s creative spark is ignited by a deep love of animals. Her drawings depict animal totems from around the world. Animal totems represent a deep spirituality, and by beginning to understand animal’s qualities and traits, we can learn from them.” Sue’s goal for her artwork is to promote protection for the habitat of endangered species. Donations and support to organizations that promote the protection of endangered species is an ongoing part of her business. She exhibits a few times a year and travels worldwide with her husband Frank. Her work can be seen throughout the country, including some of our National Parks.

David Demarest

David lives in Monroe, Washington, and pursues photo opportunities around his home and further afield.   Whether it be landscapes, cityscapes, wildlife, or horses, he’s constantly looking for new ideas and inspiration as he continues to explore, share, and learn.  With more free time (he is a mostly retired real estate broker), he is excited about what is to come.  David’s camera of choice is currently a Sony A7IV.  “It is the beauty and often unique aspects of both the natural and built world in which we live that inspire my photographs.  Often there is a story, but not always.  I take pleasure in capturing images of subjects that many are not able to see or enjoy, or perhaps don’t have the patience or equipment to adequately capture what I see.”

Vanessa Fadeff

Vanessa grew up in beautiful Richland, WA and has been drawing and painting all her life. She attended the Northwest College of Art in Poulsbo WA, where she pursued a Bachelor Degree of Fine Arts in Visual Communication and a major in Fine Art. “I went through some trying times following college, not only in a whirlwind of grief over the loss of a loved one, but I did not always know if I would have a roof over my head or a meal to eat. My art became a refuge to help me persevere, sink my toes into the sand, and trudge forward. To this day I continue to build my skills and knowledge in order to enhance the life I bring into my paintings. I have always found solace in my art, and I am honored I get to share my passion with you!” Vanessa is a member artist at Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton and resides in the Bremerton area with her husband. Facebook: Vanessa Fadeff Fine Arts Instagram: @artistvanessafadeff 

Amy Fortson Wood

Born and raised in Seattle, Amy has been a visual artist since she was a child. Starting with needle crafts, she received formal education in illustration and painting. Amy earned a certificate in scientific illustration from the UW Continuing Education Program, along with a BA degree at UW. Currently she’s focused on photography. “Color and design in human-made art and in nature is my passion. Geometric design in architecture, along with the beauty of landscapes, the sky and animals are some of the many things I appreciate as a visual artist. My camera helps me shoot snapshots of the amazing world around me that I can take as souvenirs. Plus, my camera zooms in on far-away subjects bringing them up close and personal as shown in my pictures of the seals. It was fun capturing the ever-changing poses and expressions of the adult seals and their pups.” Facebook: Amyz Photoz & Thingz 

Dave Fox

Dave lives in Kirkland with his wife Angela, three kids, two dogs, and a cat.  Dave is a bit of a nomad that has had 25 major moves in his lifetime including seven years in Berlin, Germany. A self-taught narrative/landscape artist working primarily in oil and acrylic paint, Dave draws inspiration from what’s around him…everything from broad landscapes to simple narrative scenes of everyday life. “I tend to paint subjects and scenes from the season I’m in. I’ve learned to have patience in the painting process. The best results are not rushed. I work in multiple layers of paint letting each new layer interact with the last.  I usually paint from reference photos I’ve taken except the Grizzly bear painting. Don’t want to be that close to a Griz.” 

Yolanda Galery

Yolanda is a self-disciplined artist based in Seattle working in acrylic and digital mediums. Born in Colorado, her family relocated to Eastern Washington where she spent her childhood. From a young age Yolanda has had a deep appreciation for art. As a child she would create portraits of friends and family. Yolanda pursued a career in Laboratory Science, but her true calling has always been creating art. She now practices art full-time and strives to add a little more color to our everyday field of vision. Yolanda enjoys producing works that celebrate inspirational figures in pop culture as well as pieces that highlight self-love and acknowledge the beauty found in various walks of life. Yolanda creates art that applies the freedom and expression of vibrant hues, pushing the boundaries of color harmony. 

Cynthia Gaub

Cynthia is an art teacher, dog mommy, fabric hoarder and maker of things. Growing up she learned to sew from her mother but focused on garments. She graduated from Evergreen State College in 1989 with a Fine Arts Degree. After years of creating and showing her paper collage art in cafes and galleries in Seattle, she switched to fabric and discovered a love of quilting. Still using the same attention to color and texture, Cynthia’s work combines several traditional and modern quilting techniques. You can find more of her work in quilt shows, The Schack Art Center and online.   
“Most of my fabric collages use a raw edge applique technique to create the subject, the colors and designs on the fabrics are used to enhance the design. Using free-motion quilting, I doodle designs in thread to create layers of textures.” Instagram: @art_and_cloth 

Ariel Gliboff

Ariel (she/her/) is a Redmondbased cold water scuba diver, artist, and photographer.  She hopes that her work can highlight the beauty of the underwater world, and spark conversation about the need to preserve and care for it.  Her work, including photo and upcycled sculpture art, can be found at and her social media @littlebrrmaid. “People are always surprised when I tell them Seattle is the best place to scuba dive in the world.  Year round, I explore my favorite sites and watch life grow and change with the seasons.  I also see firsthand the human impact on these delicate and crucial ecosystems.  My hope is to bring awareness to the importance of protecting our oceans… as well as highlight the incredible and unique beauty hidden just below the surface.”  

Jessie Hazleton

Having grown up here in the Pacific Northwest, Jessie works for Boeing and paints in her free time. Jessie developed a passion for art as a teenager, finding interesting both drawing and photography. However, it wasn’t until later in life when that passion was rekindled because of a painting class given as a birthday gift. Since 2018, Jessie hasn’t put down her paintbrush, focusing on developing her skills and exploring what art means to her. Her art was on display at the Mount Baker Theater in 2021 and can be found for sale on Etsy. “I am inspired by the beauty of nature invoking vibrant colors and with themes centered around trees, mountains and animals. I enjoy taking the time to create the details and realism of each of my subjects.” 
Instagram: @jhaze123 

Yvonne Herbst

Yvonne has a BA in Illustration from the academy of art in San Francisco. She worked for Pixar Animation Studio from 1997-2007. She is now working freelance and specializes in animal/ pet portraiture and needle felting life like animals as well. Her work has sold to clients worldwide. “I find beauty in nature. I am passionate about not only the physical variety of color and texture of animal life but try to capture their emotion as well. My goal as an artist is to capture the personality of my subjects in my work while also showcasing art that is not only anatomically correct but unique and captivating.” You can follow her work on Instagram: @yvonneherbstart 


Lori Hill

A Bellingham artist working in oil, Lori’s art career began in2015 when she lived overseas. She bought a bunch of oil paint, some brushes, a canvas and thought, “How hard can it be?” It was a disaster and she quickly realized she needed some help. She has sought instruction from various artists through the years and spent many hours sitting in front of an easel practicing and applying the principles she learned. Her art can be found in homes and businesses around the world. “During my first safari I was transfixed by the majesty of the animals. They left an indelible impression on me, and some 30 years later I still feel their presence. Through these paintings I hope to touch you with the lure of Africa I felt all those years ago.” 
Instagram: @reddoorart  FB: Red Door Art Studio

Paige Johnson

Paige is a PNW artist who enjoys working in oil, encaustic, colored pencils, pyrography, and acrylic.  She has studied from a wide variety of sources and is continually seeking to learn and grow as an artist.  Paige enjoys teaching art lessons at a local elementary school, as well as in private settings.  She has exhibited paintings at the Schack Art Center in Everett and is working on writing and illustrating a children’s book.  She shares a variety of her art on Instagram (@TheArtPaige76).I love trying to capture the beauty of nature in my art!  I use a variety of materials, and currently am working mostly in oils.  I love the multitude of colors and textures in the world around me, and strive to convey that in my art.  I vary my subject matter but have a particular fondness for drawing and painting birds. 

Lisa Kaplan

Lisa is a self-taught artist, renowned for her award-winning creations that encompass the breathtaking realms of wildlife, landscapes, and captivating custom pet portraits. Her portfolio also showcases the mesmerizing intricacies of scratch board art, reflecting her unparalleled skill and dedication to her craft. From a tender age, Lisa has been immersed in the world of painting and drawing, fostering an unyielding passion for art that has remained a steadfast companion throughout her life’s journey. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering love for her subjects, Lisa’s work captivates viewers, evoking a profound appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and the heartfelt bond between humans and their beloved pets. In this shared experience, Lisa’s art becomes a powerful catalyst for appreciation, respect, and preservation of the world she so ardently adores. 

Doug Keith

Doug is a versatile artist with experience in illustration, graphic design and fine art. Doug has received several awards for his illustrated picture books, and an Emmy for graphic design. His commissioned works are installed at McChord Air Force Base, Windermere Real Estate and Puget Sound Energy, to name a few. “I enjoy working with a variety of mediums and subject matter. In this case, creating fantasy characters…and I openly admit to being quite inspired by the Seattle Kraken hockey team!” 

Debbie Kluge

Debbie has been drawing, painting, and creating art for many years but has taken the step to make it a post-retirement career path as recent as 2019. Starting out primarily as a landscape painter, Debbie’s work has evolved to include painting wildlife and flowers native to the Washington State area. Debbie is a member of Oil Painters of America, Stanwood Camano Arts Guild, and Camano Arts Association. She enjoys showing her art at multiple events throughout western Washington, and currently has a permanent installation of her art on a signboard on Camano Island. She has also received FASO’s (Fine Art Studio Online) Painting Competition FAV 15% award for three of her pieces“I am always experimenting as an artist, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and challenging myself to grow in new and unexpected ways.”

Joyce Krachmalnick

Joyce is a Mukilteo-based realistic oil artist, specializing in portraying the essence of animals and people through elaborate portraits. Her artwork appears in numerous art exhibits and calendars in Washington, including one-man shows in Mukilteo and Everett. “My artistic passion lies in capturing the unique personas of both animals and people in each of my portraits. I use oil paints on panel or oil-primed linen panel to create dynamic and energetic works of art that burst with color and movement. For me, painting is a dance, and I feel the rhythm of the oil on the brush as I create each stroke. My love of animals is evident in my portraits, where I strive to convey their spirit and essence through my brushstrokes. To highlight my subjects in the best possible light, I enjoy experimenting with techniques to create unique pieces that portray their personalities. Each painting reflects my passion, and Im grateful to be able to share it with others.”

Colleen Lambert

Colleen is a Utah girl, born and raised. She moved to the West Coast as a young adult and fell wildly in love with the Pacific Ocean that she’d only seen in photos and dreamed about. It’s been a lifelong love affair with the rhythm of the waves and changing colors and values in the ocean water. She specializes in seascapes, underwater art and marine animals, but paints and exhibits pet art and traditional work. She resides here in Lynnwood. Snorkeling in Cozumel, Mexico reminded me of swimming in a giant aquarium with every brilliant color of fish possible. It was such a wonderful memory and one I hope to always convey through my art.

Kelly Liedtke

Kelly is an award-winning artist from the Pacific Northwest. She has exhibited in many galleries and in several formats both locally and internationally. Art has always served as a form of therapy, a way to relax and recharge from her busy life as a wife, mother and small business owner. Ordinary miracles found in nature have always served as her favorite muses. Pen and Ink drawings using pointillism and line-work is her favorite art form, but she also creates using pencil, watercolor, acrylic, stone and clay when a reason and time arises. The nature of her ink drawings is generally full of energy and color while maintaining technical strength and control.

Jennifer Munn 

Jennifer is a landscape painter, as well as an abstract painter.  Her landscape paintings are primarily done in soft pastel, and her abstract paintings are mixed media. Her work can be found at various locations around Washington, in the homes of her collectors, and on her website. “My work is soft pastel. For the love of painting, blending, and using my fingers, I find that there is nothing like the richness and vibrancy found in this medium. I love light, shadows, ocean, waves, music, and animals. I love peace. No matter what I am working on, or what piece of my art or photography you are looking at, you will find my love woven through all my work.  My hope is that my art is a place and piece of peace, joy, and enjoyment for you.”  Instagram: @jaymunnart

Janie Olsen

Janie was born and raised in Western Washington and considers painting “a spiritual, driving force within myself.” Janie has work in many private collections, with ongoing representation in Matzke Fine Art Gallery & Sculpture Park of Camano Island, Curious Nest, A Lot of Flowers, and Schack Art Center. Janie was selected as Artist of the Year for Snohomish County in 2019. “All of my paintings have their own little messages…some are silly and personal to me, and all are really abstract, so you can read your own ideas into it, which I want people to do. All of my work represents a quiet, gentle strength in unexpected places.


A Pacific Northwest native, PaTan loves the outdoors and wildlife, both of which influence her work immensely. The crayon pieces showcase animals, particularly ones fighting for survival. A painter, muralist and artist in residence with Earth Creative, PaTan has a working studio at Inscape Arts in Seattle. She is currently working on a new crayon series, Color Life Happy Part II, and a painting series of wild mustangs at Skydog Sanctuary. I believe it’s my duty as an artist to bring awareness to the animals that are fighting for survival and the effects of climate change. It’s my sole purpose in life to make the world a more colorful place and do my part in protecting our environment.” A portion of the proceeds from her art go to Youth Eastside Services (YES). Limited signed prints are available on her website,  
Instagram: @patansart

Hannah Kyungsook Ra

Hannah studied art at a university in South Korea and worked as a high school art teacher. She also participated in exhibitions and competitions, where she received numerous awards. After moving to America Hannah joined an art organization called the Korean American Artists Association of WA  (KAAW) to continue the art she loves so much. She still participates in exhibitions organized by KAAW every year, and also teaches at the HJI Educational Institute to inspire others in the field.I usually use many different methods such as collage and brushes to express the emotion of the subject. This time it was my son’s cat who has round eyes with a bright color that mimics moonlight.”

Richard B. Reed

Richard is an American artist, professional self-taught watercolorist, and illustrator. Painting, whether it is a human portrait, animal portrait, landscape, or seascape, is his lifelong passion. Robert is a member of several watercolor associations, and his work has been juried into exhibitions including the Keizer Art Festival at the Enid Joy Mount Gallery in Keizer, Oregon where he earned the People’s Choice Award. “The humpback population – already the smallest and most endangered population of humpback whales in the world – is at real risk of extinction due to a combination of entanglement in fishing nets, ship strikes, and the impact of ceaseless coastal development. The shallow and warm waters of the Kingdom of Tonga provide the perfect viewing platform. This painting reflects that long journey north from the icy waters of the Antarctica to warm waters of the Kingdom of Tonga. The color, and the energy from this composition along with the rich vibrant colors called to me. Instagram: @richard.reed.541402

Jill Schwennsen

Jill is a multi-talented Seattle-based artist who uses a variety of mediums to showcase her photography and dot paintings. Jill connects to the world through beauty to inspire, uplift, and enliven. “My art is an affirmation and celebration of life. I extract inspiration from experiencing life and what each moment has to offer, often noticing & being aware of the small details that contribute to a scene. I gravitate towards exuberant colors and mediums that add another dimension and give more life to a piece. The overall intention of my art is to create vibrant pieces that inspire, uplift, and enliven.”  Instagram: @daysandclouds

Linda Sholberg

Linda is a Pacific Northwest artist with a deep love of nature and a passion for living a bright life through art. Her artwork reflects the movement of water and the ever-changing beauty of her surroundings. “Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my nature-inspired art and products. I am a woman-owned business, and my products are not available on Amazon, so I greatly appreciate your interest. My mission and vision are to create colorful, joy-filled art that connects people to happiness and nature every day. I want to inspire kindness while maintaining quality products and excellent service to my customers. By filling my canvases with color, I hope to bring sunshine to the lives of everyone who picks up one of my art pieces. Let’s all create a vibrant life together!”

Jerry B Steffen, Jr.

Jerry spent over ten years working as a graphic designer and illustrator in Ohio before studying stone press lithography. He later studied ceramics, creating with metal, and glass blowing at the University of Illinois and the University of Hawaii. He’s sold a variety of his original art at Pike Place Market, and this year Jerry has his second published children’s book on the way. Today Jerry is enjoying retirement with his wife, Jill, while continuing his passion of creating one-of-a-kind artwork. 

Charley Wells

Charley is a figurative artist based out of the Pacific Northwest. His art is inspired by nature, folklore, and pop culture. Charley has his paintings, murals and art installations spread across the U.S. with the goal to transform environments through the beauty of creativity, uniting passions and painting. “I use a combination of mediums to balance the beauty of nature and the depths of the imagination to create a rich colorful world meant to tell you a story or recount a meaningful memory.” 

Kamilla White

Kamilla is a painter and sculptor from Seattle, specializing in bird imagery. She has a BFA in Painting (with a minor emphasis in Ceramics) from Washington State University, and shows her paintings regularly at Art/Not Terminal Gallery in Seattle Center. Kamilla will also be showing and selling her work at Best of the Northwest at Magnuson Park in November. “I have always been fascinated with birds, but only began featuring them in my work around 2000 or so. I started drawing and painting crows and ravens then and have since expanded my vision to include other birds, as well as fish. I have an affinity for wild creatures, and I want my artwork to help others appreciate the amazing diversity of animal life on our incredible planet.

Theresa Williams

Theresa is part Tlingit Alaska Native who grew up in Edmonds. She is a certified Native Tribal Artist with the Tlingit and Haida Central Council of Indian Tribes of Alaska. Her acrylic landscape paintings have been shown in juried exhibits at both the Edmonds Arts Festival and the Shoreline Arts Festival. Her work is currently on exhibit at Gallery North in Edmonds. “I enjoy using bold, vibrant colors to accentuate the beautiful scenery, plants or animals that I paint. I always hope to convey a feeling to the viewer of either familiarity, or wonder, through my paintings. I am especially inspired by our majestic Pacific Northwest mountains, Puget Sound, the beaches, sunsets and wildlife. Instagram: @blackwing_art

Ernie Yip

Ernie has been doing graphic design for the past 30+ years and recently discovered photography as a hobby after obtaining a digital camera. Photography has helped me relax during my down time. I enjoy the technology behind photography and the ability to mix it with my other interests and work. I’m always on the hunt for new subject matter and finding a way to make it look unique. Sometimes it’s a macro shot other times it’s a landscape. In any case, I think I found what I’ll be doing when I retire!More photos can be seen on his Instagram: @creativeduhziner 


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